quality of life

Quality of Life

In Talladega County we live surrounded by thousand year-old forests, pristine mountains and small blue lakes full of bass, catfish, and crappie. We play golf and tennis all year, we hunt in season, and we have more gorgeous old homes than you can imagine.

Talladega County exists in a setting so beautiful and bountiful that four different Indian tribes lay claim to it during ancient times. This area is even more beautiful today and is here for us to enjoy. You should be here to enjoy it also.

Talladega County is paradise to golfers, joggers, boaters, cyclists, hunters, fishermen, hikers, tennis players, water skiers, power walkers, NASCAR fans, football fans, and just about everyone who enjoys having fun outdoors. We have six different lakes in the county, plus countless streams and an abundance of lovely city parks. Then, of course, we do have our very own national forest, the Talladega National Forest.

Talladega County is the home of the world's most exciting NASCAR events. Talladega Superspeedway is nestled in the northern part of Talladega County, easily accessible from I-20. More than 300,000 fans make their way to Talladega Superspeedway each year for the two weekend events the speedway hosts.

Everything we do in Talladega County is not outside. There are more than 125 churches of various denominations in the county. Two amateur theaters cultivate young talent and our Isabel Anderson Comer Museum and Arts Center is filled with Indian artifacts, regional works of art and memorabilia from numerous celebrities from the local area. At the Sylacauga High School Auditorium, Talladega County residents can catch a symphony or a play or a recent exhibit. Heritage Hall, in Talladega, has continuous arts and crafts exhibits featuring local, regional, and nationally known artists.

Within the boundaries of Talladega County there are four major cities Childersburg, Lincoln, Sylacauga and Talladega along with numerous smaller communities scattered throughout the beautiful landscape to make up the area we call home.

Talladega County Climate

Temperature and Precipitation

  • thermometer 63° Annual Average Temperature
  • thermometer 43° January Average Temperature
  • thermometer 78° July Average Temperature
  • rain 61" Annual Rainfall
  • snow 1" Annual Snowfall